DGA Seminar: Georges Zaccour

Georges Zaccour
Department of Decision Sciences HEC Montréal

Dynamic Games and Applications Seminar

Dynamic Games Played over Event Trees with Coupling Constraints

April 18, 2024 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM (Montreal time)

Zoom webinar link

In this talk, I will first present the framework of dynamic games played over event trees (DGPETs) and characterize Nash equilibrium in a setup where the players’ action sets are interdependent. Second, I will illustrate the theory with a model where a set of competing firms procure a product from the same supplier that faces a capacity constraint, including a possible complete shortage, which binds together the ordering strategies of the firms. Numerical results are discussed.
(The second part is a paper with Elena Parilina and Stefan Wrzaczek.)