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Dynamic Games and Applications

Published by Birkhäuser

Aims and Scope

Dynamic Games and Applications is devoted to the development of all classes of dynamic games, namely, differential games, discrete-time dynamic games, evolutionary games, repeated and stochastic games, and their applications in all fields, including:

  • biology
  • computer science
  • ecology
  • economics
  • engineering
  • management science
  • operations research
  • political science
  • psychology

DGA seeks original research that makes significant methodological, conceptual, algorithmic, or empirical contributions to various disciplines. DGA also considers work in static game theory and dynamic optimization provided that authors establish a clear, potential link to dynamic games. DGA publishes regular papers, technical notes, survey articles, and case studies.

Georges Zaccour,

International Game Theory Review

Published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

Aims and Scope

International Game Theory Review is a refereed quarterly academic journal, which publishes original contributions involving game-theoretic analysis. Addressing designs, problems and solutions pertaining to strategic decisions, the Review aims to promote a balanceed interest between theory and application. it emphasises rigorous analysis. Papers should offer up-to-date insights and perspectives through original research. the Review considers game-oriented papers from all fields of study. An important aim of the Review is the encouragement of interdisciplinary communications and interactions among researchers in game theory from different disciplines. Special attention is paid to complex and ill-structured game situations and their formal treatments. regular articles on theory and applications, technical notes, comments, case studies, numerical analysis, simulations and computational algorithms are welcome.

David W. K. Yeung,
Leon A. Petrosyan, 

Journal of Dynamics and Games

Published by American Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Dynamics and Games (JDG) is a pure and applied mathematical journal that publishes high quality peer-review and expository papers in all research areas of expertise of its editors. The main focus of JDG is in the interface of Dynamical Systems and Game Theory. It is devoted to the development and the diffusion of mathematical ideas and techniques that arise from the analysis and the modelling of systems where agents (whether they be rational players, markets, plants, animals, ecosystems, communication systems, etc) interact dynamically over time. 

Papers should either be motivated by challenging mathematical questions occurring in such systems or provide a rigorous mathematical analysis of models where tools from dynamics and games prove to be useful.

All the research areas of expertise of JDG editors are covered. Areas covered include dynamic games, stochastic games, differential games, evolutionary games, models of learning and evolution, repeated games, mean field models, voting, auctions, matching, assignment games and other research areas of cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, preferentially where dynamics play a role, as well as the associated applications in social, economic, life, physical and computer sciences.