About ISDG

The objectives of ISDG are:

  • to promote and foster the development and applications of the theory of dynamic games. A dynamic game is defined as a paradigm for a decision making situation, competitive or conflict process that involves several agents or decision makers in dynamic interaction.
  • to disseminate scientific information through all conveniently adopted support services. ISDG achieves these goals by organizing or co-organizing symposia, conferences and workshops and publishing distinguished high-standard journals: Annals of Dynamic Games and International Game Theory Review.
  • to establish links with the international scientific community and in particular with other societies dealing with game theory, optimization, decision analysis and dynamical systems.

You can now join or renew your membership in the International Society of Dynamic Games, ISDG. Membership is free. Please click http://www.gerad.ca/isdg/ to complete the membership form, which should take no more than two minutes.

Research scientists and engineers, faculty from academia, students, and other individuals with interests in the theory and applications of dynamic games can be members of ISDG. ISDG is governed by an Executive Board.

Statutes of ISDG

What is game theory?